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Acting Academy

“Who we are”

The acting academy at Bazaar Model Management is dedicated to empower actors and nurture the creative, artistic spirits of individuals by providing a vibrant and inclusive environment where one can explore the captivating world of acting. We provide students with a craft that will help them create a reality and respond truthfully in imaginary circumstances, regardless of the style or form of material being used. At the Academy, actors learn to express powerful emotions and are encouraged to leave behind conventional, superficial, and clichéd expressions in search of their own unique artistic voices. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower actor's to discover the magic within themselves and the art of storytelling.

Become an Actor

Ethan Lawson


Ethan Lawson is a seasoned actor and accomplished acting instructor, bringing a wealth of experience to both the stage and the classroom. With a passion for the art of acting, Ethan has dedicated the past two years to imparting his knowledge and skills to aspiring actors as an acting instructor.

Ethan's journey in the world of acting extends beyond teaching, as he has made a significant impact on the local entertainment scene. As a talented actor, he has graced the stage and screen, showcasing his versatility and captivating performances. Ethan's presence has become a familiar and celebrated one in the local film industry, where he has left his mark through appearances in numerous commercials and films.

Ethan Lawson